- E-Commerce Ready
- Web Control Panels
- Pre-Installed Scripts
- SPAM Protection
- Choice of 4 Plans
- 1,000 Mb DiskSpace
- 20 GB Transfer
- Web Host Manager
- Unlimited Features
- Choice of 4 Plans
- 9 GB DiskSpace
- 40 GB Transfer
- Pro Host Site
- Web Host Manager
- Choice of 4 Plans
Other Partners
Providers of connectivity,
routers, switches, sofware and more...


World Class Data Center Partners

Has your provider left you out in the cold?
Clients calling you but your server is down for the count?
Not on our watch!

If the last seven years has taught us anything, we have learned NOT to put all of our eggs in one basket. Why? Because even World Class Data Centers have problems.

Three words... Redundancy, redunancy, redundancy.

We choose our homes wisely, and these are the "Cream of The Crop!"

Hurricane Electric - HE.net
Locations: Freemont & San Jose California

Network: http://he.net/about_nw.html


Facilities: http://he.net/about_fac.html


Level3 Communications - Level3.com

Locations: Worldwide - We use the Orlando, FL. Center

Network: http://www.level3.com/577.html


Facilities: http://www.level3.com/590.html

Net Access Corporation - NAC.net
Location: Parsippany New Jersey

Network: http://www.nac.net/networkmap.asp


Facilities: http://www.nac.net/tour/ipix1.asp


Internap Network Services Corporation - Internap.com

Location: Seattle, Washington

Network: http://www.internap.com/products/remoteconnectivity.html


Facilities: http://www.internap.com/sitemap/SeattleColocation.htm

ThePlanet.com - ThePlanet.com
Locations: Two Centers in Dallas Texas

Network: http://www.theplanet.com/datacenters/infrastructure.php


Facilities: http://www.theplanet.com/datacenters/facilities.php

Atjeu.com - ATJEU.com
Locations: Two Centers in California & Arizona

Network: http://www.atjeu.com/network.html


Facilities: http://www.atjeu.com/infrastructure.html



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